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The Five Stages In the Life Cycle of Online Products

Posted on November 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

Life cycles are an extremely useful concept. Like most models, they help people to visualize the progress of an online product under certain conditions. They help people to predict the effects of decisions within the life cycle of that product.

There are a number of different life cycles. In fact, everyone who has an interest in an online product has some form of life cycle. Learning content creators have their version of a life cycle based on the effort. Accountants have their view of a life cycle based on income. Project Managers often have two. One based on the development cycle and one based on the types of projects needed. And marketers have their view.

In a previous article, I suggested a very complex life cycle. However, in this article I’m going to describe one life cycle of online products as seen by a marketer.

This marketing life cycle consists of five steps.

1. Pre-Launch

The period before the launch of a product is the focus of many other life cycles. But for a marketer, this time is used for two main purposes. The first is preparation of a marketing plan and marketing assets to be used later in the life cycle. However, this period is also used to create a buzz. Frequently this is a very heavy period of marketing as pre-orders are important to recovering the cost of development of the online product. A large pre-order also helps to focus partners on the product so that they continue to support the marketing effort in the next stage.

2. Growth

Once the product is released there will be an initial period where sales grow. While the pre-launch focused on the initial penetration of the market, this stage is more concerned with obtaining a commanding share of the market. This period is often characterized by high marketing spending with respect to profit.

3. Stabilization

In time, the market begins to reach equilibrium. While new competition enters the market, it tends not to disrupt the status quo. This stage is characterized by high profit with limited market spending and a stability in the market share.

4. Decreasing Sales

As time goes by sales begin to decrease. This can be caused by an obsolete product. Or it may be a market-wide phenomena caused by market saturation. Or it may be the result of an alternate innovative market arising. In any case, this stage is often characterized by wild swings in marketing spending. This is the result of increased spending on marketing with little result followed by a demand to reduce spending in order to increase profit. Determining the value of increased marketing spending during this time can be frustrating and frightening.

5. Alternate Use

This is sometimes referred to as retirement. However, I prefer the concept of alternate use with online products. Online products are most often used as bonuses to improve the sales value of other products. Actual retirement is frequently used to adjust the market demand. Online products are also frequently improved and renamed with a version which somewhat eliminates their retirement in this stage. However, regardless of the strategy chosen, this stage is characterized by the withdrawal from sale of the product and the associated suspension of marketing efforts.

How to Take Depression and Anxiety Head on With Productive Activities

Posted on November 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

Depression is a mental state; a state where a person feels very low. This can happen to anyone at anytime, most probably when things are not moving in life as per ones desire. But this natural feeling in person should not stay for long as such a sad state of mind will have a very adverse effect on the way things move in ones life. Anxiety is a state where all negative feelings developed makes person have irrational fear of particular situation or object. Anxiety further develops depression as person is not able to come out of the developed insignificant fear. To avoid anxiety is the best way to help overcome depression. Here are few simple actions that will make you fight depression with vigor.

As laughing is the best medicine, you should be aware of the fact that just laughing has an amazing power of releasing the developed stress and hence overcoming depression; in no time you will feel better. Laughing alone is not always possible. The best way to feel enlightened is by interacting with the person that is close to you and one who understands you. Things will move in correct direction once you are in company of people who make you happy.

Good music to ears has a very soothing effect to lessen anxiety. You will clam yourself and will have better feeling. Getting involved into good music will divert your negative thoughts and that’s what is required in overcoming depression. At times dancing to the tunes will help you eliminate depression.

Doing some work to divert your mind will make you decrease anxiety. This will prevent you from going into depression. The work can be anything from cleaning to riding a bicycle to saying hello to the neighbors. All it is required is to get out the gloomy phase of your thoughts.

It’s said that when things are not moving your way, its better to pray for Almighty’s help. Prayers will make your mind stable and positive. To come out of depression requires bringing positive thoughts in mind.

Beat the depression before it creeps and stays with you. That can be done most effectively by few productive activities. In short depression can be taken head on not by staying in isolation without doing any activity but by changing mood with any thing that brings spark in your life.

Internet Marketing for Small Business – How to Develop Your Online Product

Posted on November 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Developing a successful internet marketing strategy for small business needs a solid online product to market with. In fact, this is the most important step to establish a successful business online. If you fail to fulfill this step properly, your chances of success as an online business entrepreneur would be minimal.

Sometimes people think that developing a product for small business is quite difficult and only experts can do it. It’s not true always. In fact, you too can create the product by yourself, if you have the required skills and passions in you. However, make it sure you study this guide thoroughly before you even start thinking of product development.

Qualities of Successful Online Product

Before we move any further about how to develop product and do successful internet marketing for small business, let’s find out the qualities of a successful product.

A successful online business product must be able to –

  • Trigger an emotional reaction
  • Solve the problem of the target group of buyers
  • Offer an instant gratification
  • Provide easy solution of the problem
  • Promise to deliver better quality compared to competition

Types of Successful Online Product

There are tons of products available online, but not all of them are successful. On the other hand, there are a few types of products which are always on fire. So, our next step is to find out the types of products that have huge potential.

The top sellers in internet marketing for small business can be broadly categorized as follows –

  • Information
  • Application
  • Private / Membership Sites
  • Web based Services

Steps to Develop a Successful Online Product

Start researching on your targeted niche and then decide on the types of product you may like to develop. Once you have decided on the type, it’s now your turn your head to do more research. Find out what type of problem users are experiencing and what motivates them to make a purchase.

If you fail to perform any of these steps, you are at high risk for messing up with your product development venture. So, let’s check out the key points to develop a successful online product for your small business.

The entire process may take a little more time, but it is definitely worth your time. The key points here are –

  • Targeting niche
  • Choosing product types
  • Find out the problem
  • Analyze buyer’s motivation
  • Be a problem solver

So, these are the steps that you must follow to develop a successful online product and do profitable internet marketing for small business.

To your success

Domenico Greco